Rad Essentialz Slicker Brush and 2 Sided Undercoat Rake for Dogs & Cats – Pet Grooming Tool – Safe Dematting Comb to Remove Tangles & Mats – Gently Remove Loose Undercoat Review

Rad Essentialz Slicker Brush and 2 Sided Undercoat Rake for Dogs & Cats – Pet Grooming Tool – Safe Dematting Comb to Remove Tangles & Mats – Gently Remove Loose Undercoat

  • ✓PERFECT BUNDLE OF 2 DEMATTING COMBS – Get the perfect kit to use when detangling, de-matting, thinning, and stripping your dogs or cats tough matted hair. Remove the excessive hair & help your pet’s hair be silky smooth without any clumps of hair stuck together.
  • ✓FAST & EASY RESULTS – Your pet will love being groomed and feel like they are getting a message with both combs. With our innovative bristle dense fine bent wires, our brush penetrates deep into the coat & grooms the undercoat without scratching your dog’s or cat’s skin. With so many benefits such as increasing blood circulation, providing a massage, and leaving your pet’s coat shiny & soft, this is the perfect combination of dematting brushes.
  • ✓FORGET ABOUT SHEDDING! By using this combo of detaggling and dematting combs, it will get deep into your pet’s skin and remove all dead undercoat hair. As a result you won’t have loose hair flying off your dog or cat, and your house will stay squeaky clean! No need to worry about nasty shedding and flying hair anymore.
  • ✓SUPER EASY TO CLEAN – Our Slicker brush makes cleaning a breeze, with one click of a button. The bristles retract back into brush, leaving removal of hair super simple. It stays in perfect condition to be used over and over again. Our 2 Sided Undercoat Rake has 12 teeth on one side to remove stubborn mats while 23 teeth on opposite side to finish tangles from thinning & deshedding.
  • ✓LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If you are not satisfied with product, we assure a full refund. Don’t hesitate & order today!

Have you been searching for the perfect kit of dog grooming tools. Well look no more! We have the perfect bundle for you. Plus a special bonus of four long headed toothbrushes for your loving pet. Our Rad Essentialz innovative dematting combs for both dogs, cats, and all types of animals who suffer from matted fur, can be an excellent solution to removing all of the unwanted fur. No need to stress about the nasty hairs flying around in your home. Your pets are family & you need to make sure they are well groomed. Once your pet’s skin becomes irritated from matted and tangled fur, it becomes a breeding ground for parasites. Your loving and adorable pet doesn’t deserve that! The more your dog or cat scratches it causes the mat to grow larger in size and results in more tangled fur. All of these problems can be solved instantly with this duo pet grooming tools. You will receive an Easy to Clean Slicker Brush as well as a 2-in-1 grooming tool. Which features a Dual-sided comb that has 12 teeth side for removing those really tough mats & tangles and the reverse side with a 23 teeth side that is designed for de-shedding and thinning. Plus 4 extra toothbrushes! Both combs are perfect for both large and small dogs and cats with short, medium, and long coats. Safe & effective design with rounded teeth is focused to remove the dead unwanted hair while not irritating or scratching your pet’s skin. Stainless steel teeth are designed to penetrate in fur to comb and smooth fur. Also the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable and easy to grip Slicker Brush. Recommended by professional groomers for impressive & fast grooming results. So do not wait another moment, order this amazing kit and show how much you care for your pet!

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