PET SILK Liquid Silk Serum – Dog Finishing Leave in Conditioner for Shiny & Healthy Coat – Pet Detangler with Silk Amino Acids, Vitamin E & Panthenol Review

PET SILK Liquid Silk Serum – Dog Finishing Leave in Conditioner for Shiny & Healthy Coat – Pet Detangler with Silk Amino Acids, Vitamin E & Panthenol

  • INFUSED WITH NOURISHING INGREDIENTS: Silk hair serum is infused with silk amino acids, vitamin E, and panthenol which work to moisturize, smoothen and nourish the coat. The chemical free composition of the pet silk serum makes it safe to use on your pet’s sensitive skin.
  • SMOOTH & SILKY COAT: Hair finishing spray gives your pet’s coat the right kind of nourishment and pampering it needs. Finishing hair serum infuses moisture in your pet’s dry skin to condition and hydrate the coat, leaving it silky smooth, soft, supple and bouncy.
  • MAKES GROOMING EASIER: Not just for a shinier coat, hair finishing serum can also be used as a finishing spray, detangler and coat gloss. Hair smoothing serum also works as a protective covering to shield your pet’s coat from harsh environmental stressors.
  • PLEASANT FRAGRANCE: Dog fur serum leaves your pet’s coat with a delicate fragrance that lasts all day long. The non-irritating fragrance does not irritate the pet parents and pets who are sensitive to allergic or very strong fragrances.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Maintaining uncompromising quality standards across the entire process of manufacturing and ingredient selection through to packaging, all the Pet Silk products are trusted by professionals and are considered as a premium yet value for money pet grooming aid.

Size:11.6 Oz

Pet care at its best! 
Dogs with shiny, silky coat are always appreciated. But unfortunately, your pet’s majestic coat loses its original luster and shine, because of their playful and mysterious nature. Caring for your pet’s coat and keeping its shine intact takes more than just a shampoo and conditioner. Pet Silk Liquid Silk Serum is the ultimate finishing product that works as a leave in conditioner, detangler and a finishing spray combined. The silk amino acids, vitamin E, and panthenol present in smoothing serum moisturize your pets coat leaving it soft and smooth to touch. It penetrates deep down the shafts to revive the coat inside out, making it look healthy, voluminous and bouncy. As the coat becomes smooth, brushing and grooming becomes easier and less stressful for you and your pet. Our serum is a must have for completing your pooch’s grooming routine and a leave-in-treatment between baths. 

Experts at Pet Silk have developed a range of high-quality pet grooming products using the best of ingredients and harsh chemical free formulas. We have revolutionized hair care products for pets by using natural silk fibers as a major compound. Silk fibers are renowned for their high luster and brilliance which help our products to moisturize the skin and preserve the natural shine and volume of your pet’s coat.   

Ingredient spotlight:  
* Formulated with silk amino acids which gives your pet hair better control by reducing brittleness.
* Makes the coat healthier!  
* Vitamin E protects against free radicals in the skin.  
* Panthenol adds moisture and volume in the hair and improves scalp health.   

Why is it the perfect choice? 
* Infused with all natural and essential ingredients. 
* Provides healthy, shiny and smooth coat. 
* Premium quality 
* Welcoming fragrance 
* No harsh chemicals 

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